The Stabilization process of the rice BRan

The stabilization of rice bran is the process of stopping a chemical reaction that takes place right after the seperation of the bran (the inner layer) from the rice grain itself

The Problem

“Rice bran has very unique properties, very healthy and rich of nutritional benefits, but it loses these benefits shortly after milling .”


During milling powerful enzymes are activated. This causes the hydrolysis of the oil into FFA’s. The higher the FFA’s the lower recovery of quality edible oil. Rancidity develops within few hours, insects start appearing in Approx. a week time.

Rice Millers end up selling their Rice Bran at very low prices, sometimes even considering waste and, unfortunately,  throwing it away. Moreover, nutritionists find little value on non stabilized Rice Bran and it is no longer possible for human consumption.

The Solution

“”Stopping this chemical reaction WITHOUT chemicals, BUT using a thermal treatment.”

 The magic here is deactivating the Lipase enzyme that decreases the nutritional value of the rice bran. Hence, rice bran is then “Stabilized”


The result

– Reduced food waste and increased 

– Production of a very economic superfood (click here to see the Nutritional Facts)

– A very rich food product and ingredient for many purposes (click here to see the Opportunities)