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History & values


This superfood is a result of optimizing the rice production process. We re-used what was treated as food waste or what was known as “byproduct with no significant value” to create a superfood with very unique health benefits.

The rice bran has 65% of the nutritional value of brown rice, but the problem is when peeled-off the rice grain, it loses its very high nutritional value within a couple of hours and becomes obsolete. The rice bran (the byproduct) goes through a further thermal, 100% chemically-free, treatment where it is finally “stabilized”. Only then people could benefit of its very unique nutritional value.

– Waste reduction

– 100% natural, only thermal treatment

Reducing carbon footprint

You’re Welcome!

The rice bran has 65% of the health benefits of brown rice. Once separated, it goes  immediately to specific temperature and moisture conditions, taking a different route than that of the white rice. The next stop is a multi-stage thermal treatment that ensures stabilizing the fine and high quality nutritional value of the rice bran. The result is a superfood in powder from. Following that is the packaging station. Where the stabilized rice bran is packed and starting its trip as a superfood that meets our customers’ high expectations


Scientific innovation

Turning food waste into a natural superfood

The most unique feature about our method is the fact that it is 100% chemicals-free. The rice bran goes through a thermal treatment to stop the chemical reaction that results due to the production of white rice consumed daily. This reaction is due to isolating the bran layer from the rice grain.

– 100% natural, only thermal treatment

No Chemicals added

Food waste reduction by 15% per kg of rice produced